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My name is Kate Oates, my pronouns are she/her and I am a dog trainer with a love for behaviour struggles. My knowledge and education is all about human and dogs brains and psychology. I've learned how to shape a dogs behaviour through understanding how their minds work, and I've learned a lot about my own mind in the process. I am here to teach you what I know so you can be your dogs best trainer. I want to arm you with the understanding I have so we can live a more harmonious life with our pets.

I am also constantly updating my knowledge, I complete courses, webinars, attending conferences!

We are all here to learn, I do not think of myself as better than anyone. I have spent my time completing courses so you don't have to, and through that I can share my experience and knowledge with you. I am thankful for all of the people who I have worked with so far, you have helped me in my mission to help as many people and their dogs as I can. 

I am not here to judge you, I am not perfect myself nor is my dog. Our aim at Cool Canines is for peace, happiness and less stressful life with our dogs. That will look different for everyone. 
I wont encourage anything forceful with your dog, so please don't take it as a criticism, it's just not how I work. I aim to offer a safe space for learning for everyone. When we know better we can do better. 

​Vader and I have been through a lot, all sorts of interesting behaviours either together or helping others. I believe this experience is what helps me be the best trainer I can be. It allows me to understand how you feel and where you are with your dog. I've had experie
nce in turning a seemingly helpless situation into one of joy and happiness with my own dog and others.

** I am no longer working with clients as I am using my skills to help humans more and more. I already miss this space but my new work is highly rewarding. I will be listing places, organisations etc that I would recommend so you can keep finding good quality help for you and your pets ❤️. 

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