My name is Kate Oates, my pronouns are she/her and I am a dog trainer with a love for behaviour struggles. My knowledge and education is all about human and dogs brains and psychology. I've learned how to shape a dogs behaviour through understanding how their minds work, and I've learned a lot about my own mind in the process. I am here to teach you what I know so you can be your dogs best trainer. I want to arm you with the understanding I have so we can live a more harmonious life with our pets. I have chosen my education as the people who run it also align with the belief of working with our animals kindly. I am also here to learn, I do not think of myself as better than anyone. I have gained so much already from working with everyone I have met so far. 

I am not perfect, and I am in no way here to judge you. I wont encourage anything forceful with your dog, so please don't take it as a criticism, it's just not how I work. I aim to offer a safe space for learning for everyone. When we know better we can do better. 
​My dog and I are always learning, I believe this experience with him is what helps me be the best trainer I can be. It allows me to understand how you feel and where you are with your dog. I've had experience in turning a seemingly helpless situation into one of joy and happiness with my own dog and others. I am passionate about sharing quality dog training content so please check out my socials. I have a free mini series on instagram and a blog that I try to update as well. 

I have a young family and am running this business, so please keep that in mind and exercise patience as I give both my family space they need and my clients the time they deserve! 

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