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Struggling With Your Dog?

An awesome list of resources to help you get started!

Reactive? Barking, Lunging, even the bites pup..

@AbsoluteDogs have made this amazing, 1hour long webinar, free for all to see.

🤩You will learn games to give you both skills to handle tricky situations

❤️You will learn why we train outside of the situation vs in it. 

💪You will learn how to grow different skills in your dog to create a calmer household.

✨You will get a free ebook! Free ebook and free webinar? AMAZING!

If this is interesting, if you want to know more, if you have a struggle of your own and want help to improve your situation. 
Contact me!

💻I studied absoluteDogs PDT and Geek last year. 

🦮I can offer online and in person training. 

📝I will give you a plan and ongoing support.

I will give you the skills so you and your dog can be confident about the now and the future. 

I can offer challenges like the STAS 25 day challenge. I can help you access the Training Academy, over 200 games on all sorts of dog struggles. 
If you purchase these through me I get a commission so you get to support a small local business and my family, so thank you! 🥰 

Check out my website for more. 
If you want to chat email me at

Start your dog training journey today!