In Person Consultations!

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What happens?
We go into detail about your dogs behaviour, or the skills you want to learn. The where, why, how, who, etc. We can share videos we can give detailed descriptions. Theres no need for me to experience a behaviour in order to help you. We choose a meeting place that the dog feels comfortable with, this gives your both the best 
opportunity to learn. I teach a few games/skills and then teach you why they're important and how they will grow our dogs brain in the direction we're hoping for. 


What do you need? 

Equipment like a harness, a lead, toys, treatos. I have spares of these that may be borrowed in the session. We are learning how to communicate with our dogs, this requires time and patience, not harsh tools. 

Some of the benefits of being in person:

  • Some people really thrive in person. 

  • You can borrow some of the equipment I have, try before you buy. 

  • I get to meet your amazing dogs 😍


Consultations are in person and go for 45-60mins. I then send an email or Trello board summarising the meeting. You can contact me between sessions and I will either reply straight away or cover it in the next consultation. You can also request what we cover prior to the consult. I will also email you resources like ebooks to use along with the learning! 


Initial: $150

Follow ups: $100​​


3 sessions - Total $300 (Worth $400!) 

Can be used weekly or fortnightly. Booked when purchased. 

Bonus: You get access to 3 ebooks!

​5 sessions - Total $500 (Worth $700+!)

Can be used weekly or fortnightly. Booked when purchased. 
Some gear can be borrowed a week at a time. 

Bonus: You get access to 5+ ebooks and an online challenge!

You also receive a free online session in a months time from the end of the last session.