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Does your dog bark too much?

Maybe it’s all day

Maybe it’s when your trying to relax.

The first thing we need to keep in mind is that dogs will bark. It’s one of their forms of communication and you can’t and shouldn’t eliminate all of their barking.

Now that’s been said, what can we do to create a bit more quiet. We all want to relax without our dogs yelling at us. If we think about how that looks, it’s probably with our dogs also relaxing.

We need calm. Sometimes it’s a totally new skill for our dogs. Sometimes it’s a skill they have but it needs to grow more throughout the day.

Some of the calm games are in the rescue ebooks.

A really nice resource is this little course

There’s a nice description here. It will help give you strategies to create the calmer dog that doesn’t need to bark at all the things!

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