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Long Lines!

Maybe you want your dog to be able to explore on the walk but them dragging you around on the lead isn't compatible. Maybe they don't have the recall to handle going off lead but you still both want to explore..

If you are wanting that off lead freedom, but you don't always have that 100% recall to keep you and your dog safe, get onto long lines!!

I recommend them for a number of reasons

  1. That off leash freedom without worrying about your dog taking off.

  2. Exploring more in areas that require leads!

  3. They don't scare the dog like a retractable lead can (Dropped ours once when Vader was a pup, he was terrified)

  4. You can use the skill of handling a lead for things like tracking!

So which one should I get? I hear you cry

I highly highly highly recommend you get after the biothane like the one pictured here. Its the one I got for myself and Vader and it has been a game changer.

For one, the people at Ruffly Dog are incredibly helpful and number 2 the quality of the product is amazing!

I had a generic horse lunge line, so we had about 5 meters of freedom and whilst it did the job I got sores on my hands particular when it got wet, It was bulky and it found and held onto in dirt/sand/grub it could find.

I don't have this issue with the biothane, you can wipe it down easily, or most of the time the dirt etc just falls off.

Get after it people! Get that off leash freedom with the safety net of the long line!


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