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Dogs pulling on lead!!

Dogs pulling on lead!!

🐾Does your dog do any of these:

🐾🐾 Pay no attention to you on a walk

🐾🐾 Drag you from interesting to interesting thing

🐾🐾 Get frustrated when you don’t allow them to go up and meet everything

🐾🐾 Leave you frustrated and not wanting to walk them!

Keep your eyes on us because we have the solution for you 🤩🤩

Over the next few days I’m going to drop some helpful tips so get excited! Its in the lead up to something big 😍

🐶You can have that peaceful walk.

🐶🐶 The walk that fulfils your dogs needs without destroying your arm

🐶🐶 That walk where you both relax and enjoy the world around you

🐶🐶 That walk where people say “ohhh that’s a beautiful nice doggo” even more 🤩

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