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Reshaping our walks!

Now we know we need to do the work at home, we need to work out how to get the most from our walks.

We want our dogs to enjoy their walks as much as we do. There are a few key factors but I'll focus on just 2

  1. We need to meet our dogs needs. Sniffing and investigating the environment around them is a really great way to help meet our dogs needs

  2. We want to work on their fitness and may only have a limited time for the walk.

If we can become the focus of our dogs entertainment we can balance lives demands with our dog enjoying the world around them. Starting at home we can play games like I have on my Facebook, if our dogs love being near our legs, they'll find walking with us a lot easier!!

The second point comes to back to us and how we think about walks. Are walks the only way to exercise our pets? Can we be more creative? Perhaps grabbing the long line and wandering around a beach, or a park, or even a reserve is a better option. Agility or dog sports can be fun. Playing in your yard and having your dog sprint around is also a great thing.

To add on to that, it's not always about the physical, mental exercise is just as important for our pooches.

Have a look at the dog in front of you, think about their needs, think about your needs. How can you make best use of your time and get the most enjoyment from the activity.

Maybe you still need the walks so put more time and effort into teaching them to love being close like the game above! Maybe you need to look into a long line to create more interesting trips for your dog. There is no 1 right answer.

Tomorrow I'll share some awesome information on long lines and then you'll get to see a very exciting announcement that could be a huge game changer for your walks!

Be sure to check in tomorrow!!

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