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Start in the home!

If your dog is looking to the environment for enrichment over you, we need to switch that up!

But how??

The key is starting at home.

If you wanted to go bike riding, but you had never sat on a bike, would you go straight on the road? Or would you practise the basics at home, grow your confidence at home and then take that skill on the road?

It's the same for walking a dog on lead. dogs don't inherently know to walk by our side when a long rope comes out. It's something we need to teach.

So any exercises you were trying out and about, try them at home.

Do them so often they're easy at home. You want it to be easy, think about any activity that you do, it started off difficult and now that you understand what is required its far more enjoyable!

Maybe you were aiming for a heel, practise in the house, try it in your yard if you have one.

It might not seem like much, but try it. Your skills will improve, your dogs skills will improve!

Make sure you check out tomorrows tip for making our walks more enjoyable!!!



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