Like a Pro 14 Day Challenge

As an affiliate I can confidently advertise this course. Its also where I started when I wanted to help Vader!

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Make today your Day 1!

This is your first step towards your dreams and something powerful for you and your dog. 

Whether you have been craving more learning to be the BEST owner for your dog, or you have a fire growing in your belly to be a professional dog trainer – the ‘Like a Pro 14 Day Challenge’ is going to do just that – challenge you in new ways and give you THE MOST incredible learning to catapult you onto a new path. 


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The 14 day challenge consists of:

●      14 days of online training video content PLUS resources (which are yours to keep forever)

●      Daily LIVES to really cement your learning and hear from Tom & Lauren

●      FREE LIVE Webinar on the 26th July (with some surprises you DON’T want to miss)

●      Other fun and interactive games to take part in during the challenge (get excited!)

You’re going to learn things like:

●      The difference between trainer types (with a deep dive into our training style – concept training)

●      How to get quick and easy wins for you and your dog 

●      Geeky dives into your dog’s brain (with our Veterinary Behaviourist Tom)

●      Body language (what it is and what it isn’t!)

●      Which games to play with your dogs that are fun and solve the most common behaviour struggles that you are experiencing right now.

And it’s JUST £27/~$55Aud!!!

The value and resources in this are quite honestly, priceless. And there are a few more surprises to come!

So jump on in and say ‘hell yeah!!!!’ and make today your day one instead of your one day.

Sign up now! (challenge starts 12th July so put the day in your diary! 📆)

<<<Like a Pro 14 Day Challenge £27/~$55Aud >>>


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