• STAS

    A fun 25 day + challenge that helps increase your bond with your dog, increases your dogs confidence and their optimism!
    I think it's a great way to start your transformation.

    You learn about the dogs brain, how they think (nothing sciency, just to help you understand so you can help your dog!) how a skill/trick can be applied to real life. 

    You learn how to create a calmer dog. A dog who understands when its game time and when its time to relax. 

    You get a confidence boost yourself, because if our dogs are reactive this can be hard. 
    You get ebooks, videos, demos and you can ask me anything about the course! 

    It's great for puppies right through to seniors. It will have benefits for the most well behaved and the most reactive dog. 
    Use the buy now link to get access to this great challenge and begin your transformation!


      You get a daily email outlining the new game for that day. 

      You gain access to the training dashboard so you can see all the extra resources like ebooks, deep dives, bonus games. 

      You can also message me anytime to ask questions about the course anytime and I'll endevour to get back to you ASAP.