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Puppy Program

For pups up to 6 months of age!


These sessions will create a great start for you and your pup. You can also use them up to 6 months of age for behaviour related issues as well. These include biting and loose leash walking.


What happens?

We choose a safe meeting place, generally your home, so we can meet before vaccinations. Over 3 sessions we cover how to help our pups calm down, toileting, life skills like how to make a boundary valuable, how to teach our pups to stay close and want to stay close. Everything I show you has a purpose so I teach you why they're important and how they will grow our dogs brain in the direction we're hoping for. 


What do you need? 

Equipment like a harness, a lead, toys, treatos. The desire to learn, after all I'm there to help you help/train/guide your dog!    


Some of the benefits of being of the puppy program:

Learning how to communicate early on helps us prevent or tackle behaviours.  Setting your pup up the right way often helps you achieve so much more from sitting at a cafe peacefully through to agility competitions, assistance dogs etc. 

We learn how to best socialise our dogs so novelty is a good thing. That man in the hat who they've not seen before? Your dog isn't worried.   



Consultations are in person and go for 45mins. We use this time to do some training, talk about whats happening now and how we can act to help the future be easier. I then send an email summarising the meeting. You can contact me between sessions and I will either reply straight away or cover it in the next consultation. You can also request what we cover prior to the consult. I will also email you resources like ebooks to use along with the learning!   



I only offer programs with pups as there is so much to cover, I don't want to overwhelm you. I want this to be an awesome learning experience.

3 sessions - Total $280

I have equipment to show you, ebooks to save for now and future use, and heaps of knowledge to share for now and in the future!

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