Puppy Program

For pups up to 6 months of age!


What happens?
We choose a safe meeting place, generally your home, so we can meet before vaccinations. Over 3 or 5 sessions we cover how to help our pups calm down, toileting, life skills like how to make a boundary valuable, how to teach our pups to stay close and want to stay close. Everything I show you has a purpose so I teach you why they're important and how they will grow our dogs brain in the direction we're hoping for. 


What do you need? 

Equipment like a harness, a lead, toys, treatos. We are learning how to communicate with our dogs, this requires time and patience, not harsh tools. 

Some of the benefits of being of the puppy program:

  • Learning how to communicate early on helps us prevent or tackle behaviours. 

  • Setting your pup up the right way often helps you achieve so much more from sitting at a cafe peacefully through to agility competitions, assistance dogs etc. 

  • We learn how to best socialise our dogs so novelty is a good thing. That man in the hat who they've not seen before? Your dog doesn't glance. 


Consultations are in person and go for 45-60mins. We spend a lot of time discussing because pups get tired quickly, you can pick my brain about all things dog!
I then send an email or Trello board summarising the meeting. You can contact me between sessions and I will either reply straight away or cover it in the next consultation. You can also request what we cover prior to the consult. I will also email you resources like ebooks to use along with the learning! 


I only offer programs with pups as their personalities develop as we go along. 

3 sessions - Total $280 (Worth $380!) 

Can be used weekly or fortnightly. Booked when purchased. 

Bonus: You get access to 3 ebooks!

​5 sessions - Total $400 (Worth $600+!)

Can be used weekly or fortnightly. Booked when purchased. 

Bonus: You get access to 5+ ebooks and an online challenge!

You also receive a free online session in a months time from the end of the last session.