From behavioural problems through to cool new skills and puppies, I have a solution for you!

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Online Consultations!

Let's take your training next level with online consultations!!!
We take advantage of amazing online resources, and we grow your dogs training in the comfort of your own home!

In Person Consultations!

I can come to you or you can come to me!
We get to grow you and your dogs skills in different places and we get to have fun doing it. 
What are you waiting for? Find out more!

Puppy Program!

We are going to start our training off in the BEST way possible!
That calm, happy dog is our goal with the ability to have awesome fun and energy! 

Sexier Than The Squirrel!

A game changing, real life results focused 25 Day Challenge!
It works on making you the focus of your dogs life so you can grow your recall, your focus on walks, your calmness in the house. 
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STOP Pulling!

An epic mini course focused solely on making walks a dream. 
Have you ever imagined loose lead walks? This is the course for you!

Training Academy!

The Netflix of dog training. 
You have a struggle? There's a solution for that and it can be found in the amazing world of Training Academy. From Deep dives into behaviour to demonstrations of solutions to behaviours.