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Training Academy

A monthly subscription to all the training you'll ever need.



Training Academy is an absolutely amazing resource. It's created by AbsoluteDogs and the perfect complimentary tool to dog training! It's a gigantic library with over 200 games/informative videos.

I suggest it to all of my clients. I can create playlists for you, you can build your own!

They cover almost all things dog training in there. The fun stuff like cool tricks, fun games for relationship building, the basics of a few sports in the bonuses! 
They also cover the more serious side of dog training - the struggles. Including but not limited to pulling on lead, reactivity, barking, jumping up at people, separation anxiety, and resource guarding. 

It really is a one stop shop for so many things dog training. The videos are clear, they sometimes have wonderful ebooks attached. They link in with other videos.

They are created by vet behaviourist Tom Mitchell and leader in dog training Lauren Langman, so you know the content is of the highest quality and backed by the latest science! They also offer amazing lives to help support us on our dog owning journeys. 

If you train with me sign up, if you don't train with me sign up. You will gain a great amount of knowledge from this library!