STOP Barking

Find the peace that feels out of reach!

Barking Dog
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Do you dream of a quiet household?


A place you want to come home to, and relax in. Maybe you want to go for a walk without your dog telling the neighbourhood their opinion on everything. 

As an AbsoluteDOGS Pro Dog Parter I’m super excited to share their brand new mini-course Stop Barking!


This is a challenge that has the solutions to your overly vocal dog struggles. It’s going to help you unlock the secrets to having a dog that is calm, is happy to engage appropriately, doesn't declare to the world that they are their and need to be noticed


For the AMAZING price of just £27/~$55AUD, you are going to get:

●      A mini-course that will arm you with everything you need to achieve calm success!

●      A series of Game Up videos, demonstrating practical games to train your dog in just a few minutes a day and set them up for the total transformation of real-life results success!

●      A series of Skill Up videos, where you get to geek out and learn all about how games-based training can reshape your dog’s brain and help you achieve amazing loose-leash walking skills, regardless of your dog’s age, breed or history!

●      Terrific troubleshooting top tips on all the most common pulling on leash struggles faced by dog owners all over the world!

●      Lifetime access to the course – so you can play again and again, as often as you want!

●      Check ins from me to see how its all coming along! 


A calm house aren’t a dream – they can be your everyday reality! It’s time to empower yourself and your dog with the almighty power of games-based training!

Jump into the Stop  mini-course here!

Let’s do this!