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More Help

Don't know where to begin?

Getting started with dog training, even just being a pet parent can be really difficult. I know I've been there with my own dog. So instead of you having to sort through all the conflicting information on the internet I want to do it for you. 

Yes you read that right! We can talk about what you want to find for your dog(s)and I can help you find reputable resources. Sometimes theres awesome YouTube videos that will be super helpful, sometimes its an online course, sometimes its an in person consultation. If you don't live near me don't worry I can help find someone near you. 

I've been helping people this way for a while now with success too! So if you want help sorting through the world of dog training, fill out my form, and if you'd like to support me while I offer this service please consider buying me a coffee, it really helps!

Vader helps as well of course!

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